Review of The Fortune Seller

Alan Glassman has been kind enough to allow me to reprint his recent review of The Fortune Seller here:


If you want a fast, one-night read that will keep you awake and guessing until the end, Patrice Chaplin’s latest novel is the book for you. In her rapid fire, sometimes staccato-like style, Chaplin again gives us a candidate for the silver screen. Set mostly in the London environment she knows so well, we are catapulted to and fro in both time and location questioning where we will go next in the adventures of Jesse, a two-time success as a jazz/pop singer who we now find wanting for money and forced to take a job as a “telephone psychic” – a job that, more often than not, keeps her up into the wee hours, just as we find ourselves in reading this thriller.

Employed by a firm that is not always the most supportive and doesn’t really pay all that well, Jesse’s telephone name becomes “Isis”. And, that name, alone, immediately gives us a sense of the wide knowledge possessed by Chaplin of esoteric subjects – subjects that become all the more prevalent as her story unwinds. Told from Jesse’s/Isis’ point of view, and sharing her emotional roller coaster-ride, the narrative reveals to us some inside understanding of how to conjure up a “punter’s” fortune by such methods as reading Tarot cards, deciphering the meaning hidden in the lines of one’s palm, analyzing astrological symbols, and hypnotism. 

In between contemporary struggles with her finances and her lover, Jesse takes us back to the 1950’s and 60’s as we slowly begin to see the relevance of that era to the drama at hand. For those of us who are, shall we say, a bit “over the hill”, we breathe a bit of nostalgia reading names like Frankie Laine, The Platters singing “Only You”, Helena Rubenstein, Jacques Fath, Coty, Chanel, “La Mer”, Woolworths, “Autumn Leaves”, Johnnie Ray, Mario Lanza, The Ink Spots, Mischa Elman, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”, Montgomery Clift, South Pacific, Jean Simmons, Stewart Grainger, Ann Sheridan, and James Mason. For some of us, this is truly a trip back in time.

Chaplin, as always, gives us memorable sentences such as this one describing her protagonist’s lonely predicament: “The silence continued through the blue hour and then I seemed to hear the sound of phones ringing and snatches of conversations running one into another in this night world where truth was as hard to find as the spirit guides on a celestial trail through the heavens.” I believe she has a good feel for what we might call “the guru or spiritual business”. Telling the fake from the real is difficult enough when it comes to solid objects let alone mystical dimensions. 

One visual addition to the text that I would like to see is a simple map of London identifying the locations of some of the many spots Chaplin takes us on our journey: Kentish Town, Primrose Hill, Albert Hall, Jack of Clubs on Brewer Street in Soho, Gloucester Terrace, Dean Street, Hampstead Heath, Kite Hill, Paddington Station, Camden Market Road, the Landmark Hotel on Marylebone Road, Dunollie Road, the Park Lane Hotel, Ronnie Scott’s in Soho, Meard Street, and others. She is obviously familiar with them all, but I am not, and I believe it would add an air of authenticity to the story. After all, she does imply the story is based, if even loosely, on real events.

On the last few pages, Chaplin cleverly ties this novel to her previous two non-fiction offerings: City of Secrets and The Portal. Elmore, a much more experienced “reader”, pointing to the middle card in a hexagram array of cards, tells Jesse:

“ ‘That’s the player. The initiate. But she’s no longer there.’ He indicate[s] the Queen of Diamonds on a lower line further off. ‘So she is moving on and away and when she gets to here…’ he point[s] to the bottom edge, ‘it’s over.’…


[It’s t]he gateway. The portal. To the uninitiated it can look like a cage in a series of reflections.’ He stabbed a finger at the central card. ‘This connects here to there. This reality to other states of being. It’s a passageway. Through this the initiate moves to and fro sending ritual signs….Love, threats, or symbols such as the ladder, the sword, the key, a bird waiting. She can activate the past. This life, another life. It’s an abundant passage and a high initiate can go through the gateway to other realms’….


[The gateway or portal] can be an unmoving location on the planet where the atmosphere or skin of the earth is thin and there are sufficient energy pulses and ley lines. There you can have a gateway from this world to other constellations. It is only visible if the initiate resonates with the energy.’…


But she [the initiate] can sometimes produce this space and time transformation in any locale by her attunement.’ ”

So, to interested readers, I say: Enjoy the book. It’s a fun romp into the mystical. And, additionally, for those who have ears to hear, let them hear. 

Alan Glassman

The Seeing of Happenings Not Yet Happened

In my psychic practice I came to realise over the years that it was impossible to forecast time, but possible to see outside linear time. I decided that it is inadvisable to give seasonal or clock-time forecasts, and instead decided to show how events look in relation to each other.

What is the sense of space between each? When giving a psychic reading the seer is outside of time and leaves his or her personal sense of linear passage and is suspended instead in another experience where predictive imprints are received and happenings not yet happened  and which later are confirmed to have just occurred – are seen.

So, in my present time, these events must be identified as future. They are already there and able to be predicted but is it a future identical to this one that we will meet in this, our everyday journey, or in another dimension altogether? Do these two futures join at a common point? Do we find the answer in sacred geometry?

Or is the answer to be found in Burnt Norton by T. S. Eliott?

Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden.

Can a Clairvoyant tell the time? There are no clocks in the spiritual world . . .

I was psychic from the beginning – but thought everyone was.

I didn’t think about it again till my teens. Later I understood that being psychic is working on different dimensions beyond the four we know – and the reader can receive information from elsewhere by seeing, hearing, or sensing.

After some years of practice I get what comes through by seeing and sensing, helped by using touch in psychometry. I am assured of two things:

1.  It is possible to see outside linear time.

2.  It is impossible to give time.

The first essential for the reader, after clearing the aura and covering with protective light from the crown of the head to the soles of feet, is to ‘attune’ which means going into a slightly altered state, just like daydreaming, and then focus on the client or spread of cards and the seeing comes through like an imprint.

It comes from outside, is instantly recordable, and is not made up of a jumble of personal thoughts and imagination. It is clear and different from ordinary thought. You pass that on to the client and the succession of images that may follow – some known, others yet to be proved.

Then comes the question – When?

You used to be able to see a season but that is now more difficult. There are spreads of cards that show past; present; future outcome, and other layouts for the next twelve months – these predictions are mostly changeable as far as our clock and calendar time is concerned. Therefore it is better to qualify a prediction with the admittance that time is difficult to give.

Mr. Right is a common example – he is seen in the reading – clear as a bell – and can’t be far away, surely? Three months later a worried phone call – where is he? I saw Mr. Right accurately for one of my friends. He took twenty years to appear. I conclude it is better to judge time by how events look in relation to each other.

Aleph K – a popular psychic in the 80s – said ‘seeing’ is not watching a TV series; beginning; middle; end. Forget all that. He said, ‘read the events like a map.’ As a church on a map comes just after a hill – we presume these things are close together – others marked in the distance can be years away.  All of what is seen can be coloured by free will, even the fated things. We grow and evolve and the predestined event will be received differently.

In the old days – in shabby bedsits or second hand shops –  the fortune tellers read ordinary playing cards and used the pattern of the spread i.e. two red fours and aces red – a love bed; two jacks and a king – not a good thing!

Eight of swords was always. . . delay.

When I first started I was told by a renowned healer – Harry Edwards – never to give information – just read – of proof of life after death . . .

A psychic told me I would write this book – The Fortune Seller – I didn’t believe it – it took 15 years.


[The above was given as a talk at Atlantis Books Shop 9th June, 2015.]

A New Book

My new book is available today, The Fortune Seller. It is available as an ebook and also a paperback from a variety of online booksellers. 

The book is based on a true story, a supernatural thriller that explores in depth the world of the psychic industry, in particular the night psychics who feed the insatiable demand for brief glimpses into the future. 

Follow Jesse into this night-time world where truth is as hard to find as the spirit guides on their celestial trail through the heavens. 

The Fortune Seller

Find out more.

The Fallen Angel

The fallen angel fell into the well. She kept it filled with her tears. I asked my guide, “What well?”, and she pointed to a non-descript stone with an iron tap. “It’s not used now. People are afraid to go near it.”

From where did she fall? “The angel, by divine law, was supposed to be incarnate for one lifetime in a human body. The angel continually resisted this rebirth and finally was plunged here, but the body chosen for it was now dead and decaying. The angel had to stay out its time here, and the only choice was to take on some of the undecayed characteristics of the dead female body that it should have inhabited.”

I asked if she believed this story. “They say, here in Ripoll, that if you go to the well and you see her around, it is a sign of bad luck. If you look down into the well and you see her reflection, it is a sign of death. They say her hair is like moonlight, her staring eyes are round and she is disguised in blue light.”

So, why was this angel fallen? “Because she didn’t want to be a human being.”

I asked how long she had be there, trapped. My guide said, “Remember the word – redeem?”

We can ask for redemption. We are all fallen angels – sometimes.

Fallen Angel

The Guide

On the journey to the portal my guide, Lilian, stopped at St Pedro de Roda and said that this was number 6, the site of Renunciation. I was to ascend the seven steps of the monastery. “With each one you will be letting go of something you need to release. See in your mind light shining upon you with its loving protection. It is most powerful.”

I followed her directions and seemed lighter – even maybe a little evolved – something told me I had better believe it, because I wasn’t doing too well as a student. Earlier, she had said I was an ungrateful pupil. Together we reached the Seventh Step and she told me to repeat these words: “I stand before you, God, completely empty and free. I pray I may enter your temple.”

Perhaps it was the relinquishing of some aspects of myself meeting the vibration of the place that caused the undeniable light. It covered me like a bright shell and I was inclined to believe that something out of the ordinary had occurred.

The Guidev

Girona’s Ancient Heritage Extends Beyond Kabbalah’s Golden Age

Ancient Kabbalah city Girona, Spain

Girona has always been a city of secrets, secrets that are now discovered to extend into the surrounding province. A custodial society, existing for centuries, has held the legacy of this hidden knowledge, which includes the ritual journey between Girona and Rennes-le-Château, locations known as the ‘Key’ and the ‘Lock’. This journey activates a central point – a portal on the peak of Mount Canigou in the Pyrenees.

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