The Fallen Angel

The fallen angel fell into the well. She kept it filled with her tears. I asked my guide, “What well?”, and she pointed to a non-descript stone with an iron tap. “It’s not used now. People are afraid to go near it.”

From where did she fall? “The angel, by divine law, was supposed to be incarnate for one lifetime in a human body. The angel continually resisted this rebirth and finally was plunged here, but the body chosen for it was now dead and decaying. The angel had to stay out its time here, and the only choice was to take on some of the undecayed characteristics of the dead female body that it should have inhabited.”

I asked if she believed this story. “They say, here in Ripoll, that if you go to the well and you see her around, it is a sign of bad luck. If you look down into the well and you see her reflection, it is a sign of death. They say her hair is like moonlight, her staring eyes are round and she is disguised in blue light.”

So, why was this angel fallen? “Because she didn’t want to be a human being.”

I asked how long she had be there, trapped. My guide said, “Remember the word – redeem?”

We can ask for redemption. We are all fallen angels – sometimes.

Fallen Angel