The Guide

On the journey to the portal my guide, Lilian, stopped at St Pedro de Roda and said that this was number 6, the site of Renunciation. I was to ascend the seven steps of the monastery. “With each one you will be letting go of something you need to release. See in your mind light shining upon you with its loving protection. It is most powerful.”

I followed her directions and seemed lighter – even maybe a little evolved – something told me I had better believe it, because I wasn’t doing too well as a student. Earlier, she had said I was an ungrateful pupil. Together we reached the Seventh Step and she told me to repeat these words: “I stand before you, God, completely empty and free. I pray I may enter your temple.”

Perhaps it was the relinquishing of some aspects of myself meeting the vibration of the place that caused the undeniable light. It covered me like a bright shell and I was inclined to believe that something out of the ordinary had occurred.

The Guidev