Readings for Brando

I was clairvoyant from my first thought, and, as a child, supposed everyone was.

It came as a surprise when I was told I couldn’t know the things I did, and I’d better talk about something else.

When I was 16, my friend Beryl and I hitched through Spain on a marvellous travel of pure freedom. Nearing Andalucía we wanted to find the Flamenco Gypsies who were located in five villages around Seville.

They had never seen ‘on the road’ young girls like us, and I thought our reception could go all ways until the grandmother called for me to come forward and she said that I was ‘the Savia’, the one who sees and knows. She taught me to divine by the signs of nature: the cry of birds; the change of a south wind; the language of the shadow.

Later I did remember the warning of the birds – it saved my life. She also said never read cards on anything but a wooden table – it would absorb the bad energies that might be stirred up by a reading. Later, I learned how to read cards from Myra who owned a dress shop in West Hampstead. She used ordinary playing cards and I recall the sayings: ‘Aces red; a love bed,’ and ‘Two black knaves and a king; not a good thing!’

Many clairvoyants in the sixties learned their trade from Myra. I worked on and off in Hollywood and clairvoyance crept back into my life. I read palms and cards for people in the industry. Through screenwriter Ivan Moffat in the early sixties, I met Marlon Brando, who liked parlour games and became intrigued by cards and their meanings. Ivan disbelieved utterly in clairvoyance, but couldn’t explain how the cards showed a phone call leading to a broken marriage. But it happened and I had seen it. ‘So you have a bad day – why know about it in advance?’ he would say.

Brando did not follow that reasoning and liked readings from the plain cards – not Tarot – especially the old system like ‘the Grand Star’ or ‘the Surprise’.

The word Christian crept up four times in a row, and I thought he’d become religious. But he’d met Christian Marquand, the French actor/director– and he called his first son after him. Later my first son was called Christian, and much later Roy Scheider, the actor from Jaws, choose Christian for his first son.

When I next met Brando in 1966 – during the filming of A Countess from Hong Kong, directed by my father-in-law, Charles Chaplin – he had come to the end of the first part of his career and was in a dip that he could not have foreseen. Even the exotic women around him who could forecast aspects didn’t get that one. Regarding my card readings for him in Alvaros (the restaurant in London’s Chelsea where the famous went to eat in the sixties), I remember two things: one, an island which he would reach, and, two, that his career would come up, bigger than ever. Even I thought it was unlikely as he went on to make a few, as he said, ‘bow-wows’, like Candy for Marquand.

But then came The Godfather and he didn’t look back. And he did buy an island! From clairvoyance I went on to transformation, which lead to The Portal, and that is the beginning of privilege.

Marlon Brando

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The Fortune Seller

The Stone Cradle – Part 2: The Child From Venus

The Child from Venus was sent to raise us to a higher state of consciousness, so we could reach the etheric plane.

He brought language, healing, and spiritual practice. He wandered the earth, a teacher bringing enlightenment to the planet. He was present at the building of the first pyramid. Around him landscape was duplicated, its central passage made more powerful. He established schools. He could receive strength from the constellation of the Great Bear and seven Stars, which remained motionless, keeping our planet safe.

Most of all, he brought light.

Tracts of light are still in existence today that the Society protects and increases by ritual, for the well being of the planet.

The guardians say the light is finite. Their practice keeps it from fading out.

Had there been mention of a Stone Cradle in history? Only a small one at Ephesus that disappeared into the hands of the Knights Templar. Was there any connection between the Stone Cradle and the crib which held Jesus 3,000 years later? None found. Its existence today seems to be in the care and direction of other intelligences, not of this earth.

Cradle Country


Cradle Country

Is its purpose good? It has its magnetism and brings ailing people to lie on its stone. Documents from the 18th century describe locals choosing to come and lie in the Cradle to die. Others to give birth, and sick children were laid there to heal. The Cradle holds the souls of those yet to be born. In its presence I feel light and as I should be. It makes even the land around innocent and joyous.

My teacher told me how she followed an ambulance carrying my friend Jose Tarres – he was in a bad way – and when the ambulance suddenly stopped she thought he had died.

“Imagine my surprise when the doors opened and Jose came walking out, just like always; a poet of life, light and free,” she said. “I went after him because I thought he was a ghost. He said he had asked the spirit to heal him and let him continue here. Something happened and he was made well. He said he would never forget to have gratitude and bless each moment as it passes.”

She had asked him what the spirit was.

“Not what,” he said, “Who. The being of light, of course. From the Stone Cradle.”


The Stone Cradle – Part 1: Arrival

According to legend, the child of light came to earth over 5,000 years ago and marked the beginning of the Precessional Age, the mystical birth of Venus as the new morning star.

The Celts called the child Lug, the Spanish Luz, and others – later – Lucifer. Otto Rahn, the German metaphysical writer who came to the area in the 1930s to seek information, believed the Grail was a stone, the third eye of Lucifer, that had dropped from the forehead as the fallen angel descended to earth. Whether this light child was Lucifer is not certain, any more than the context in which this disposed angel is seen: a deceptive creature that deflects light? A creative being that lifts our consciousness?

That there was a stone is undeniable, but it was not the Grail or the third eye of Lucifer.

I first saw this stone years ago and did not know what it was. It looked like a fruit dish, big enough for an adult to lie in. The stone was dark blue and smooth as marzipan, cold to the touch, heavy to rock with a slight tremor. The guardians told me it was one of the oldest stones on the planet. This was the Cradle that held the child of light who received from the stone nutrients essential for survival. A woman from the east came to rock the Cradle and, at this time before language, there were markings on trees and stones of a cradle shape containing a crescent moon.

Some said the stone was a meteorite that had crashed to this earth millions of years ago, near the Spanish frontier – yet it was perfectly formed. Others said it had arrived through the portal on the mountain summit. It was one of the oldest stones on the planet, yet it was not clear which kind it was. The prehistoric stone in the area, granite, did not resemble this unaging, faultless object. Writings from the 10th century described the stone as being surrounded by pieces of quartz. It had been kept in the chapel at the top of a hill, behind an abandoned hamlet near the village of Rabos, and in later times rested on a base of lapis lazuli.

Otto Rahn spent months searching for the stone and in 1933 arrived in the ancient city of Gerona (further south) with Howard Hughes – the US entrepreneurial aviator –keen to take the path to the portal, which he seemingly reached, as Hughes replicated portals in the US after the Second World War. The artificial portals did not have a natural quarantine filter, and matter from outer space got in and other material got out. NASA is said to have destroyed all artificial portals.

Otto Rahn wrote Lucifer’s Court, an account of his journey along the frontier. The artist, Salvador Dali – familiar with the Cradle – understood that it had many dimensions and at times could go so far from the four we know that it became invisible. It could even be seen from different angles in unexpected places and was observed at sunset in the sky seemingly made up of cloud.

Jose Tarres, my friend, took me on that first visit to the chapel. I remember it was lit by oil lamps long and flat – said to be from a time before Christ. I was surprised the stone could bring so many visitors and that guardians took care of the chapel.

I did not know that in the stone’s vicinity rituals were carried out and that it could deflect bad energy and assist the pathway between life and death. Jose Tarres, the custodian of the private society that for centuries had guarded the Cradle, showed me maps of the terrain and the position of the stars at the time of the child’s descent and how that changed the planet’s course irrevocably.

Powerful, mediumistic members of the society could attune back to that extraordinary time. The beneficent gifts the light child had brought were still carried in the folklore of the province. The arrival of this being had caused huge turbulence and storms in the atmosphere and the inhabitants in the mountain region were terrified, believing the sun would crash into the earth.

According to legend, all was still; the being was here. There were new lights in the sky.

A new age had begun.

The Stone Cradle