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Predictions in the Dust

The day came when I had to get my life out of storage and start reducing the possessions.

Each object had a dozen memories, and then there were the letters and photographs and diaries never to be forgotten, impossible to throw. The books were easier. The childhood toys better not to be gone through. I didn’t realise I had such a big life.

Then came the sadness, the mourning for what could have been. It was a grim business. It had to be gone through again because there was only space for half the stuff. Hours later I chucked away the file from my drama school days, and all those mementoes I didn’t even remember. It’s like a death, I decided.

Covered in dust and dirt I reduced the last box and it was done; then I saw a sheet of paper had come loose. I was on the point of throwing it away, then saw it was a psychic reading from the sixties. Mir Bashir was a popular palm reader in those days and everyone went to him for advice and forecasts of the future. He would roll ink over your palms then press them onto fine paper and then read the lines. I was going to have a very public marriage, a writing career, three children. In the nineties I would start a mystical life in Spain and live in the mountains. I would die in the year . . . guess!

All I know is we can strengthen and change what is coming to us by our actions’ thought evolvement.

And I didn’t have three children.


The Seeing of Happenings Not Yet Happened

In my psychic practice I came to realise over the years that it was impossible to forecast time, but possible to see outside linear time. I decided that it is inadvisable to give seasonal or clock-time forecasts, and instead decided to show how events look in relation to each other.

What is the sense of space between each? When giving a psychic reading the seer is outside of time and leaves his or her personal sense of linear passage and is suspended instead in another experience where predictive imprints are received and happenings not yet happened  and which later are confirmed to have just occurred – are seen.

So, in my present time, these events must be identified as future. They are already there and able to be predicted but is it a future identical to this one that we will meet in this, our everyday journey, or in another dimension altogether? Do these two futures join at a common point? Do we find the answer in sacred geometry?

Or is the answer to be found in Burnt Norton by T. S. Eliott?

Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden.