Can a Clairvoyant tell the time? There are no clocks in the spiritual world . . .

I was psychic from the beginning – but thought everyone was.

I didn’t think about it again till my teens. Later I understood that being psychic is working on different dimensions beyond the four we know – and the reader can receive information from elsewhere by seeing, hearing, or sensing.

After some years of practice I get what comes through by seeing and sensing, helped by using touch in psychometry. I am assured of two things:

1.  It is possible to see outside linear time.

2.  It is impossible to give time.

The first essential for the reader, after clearing the aura and covering with protective light from the crown of the head to the soles of feet, is to ‘attune’ which means going into a slightly altered state, just like daydreaming, and then focus on the client or spread of cards and the seeing comes through like an imprint.

It comes from outside, is instantly recordable, and is not made up of a jumble of personal thoughts and imagination. It is clear and different from ordinary thought. You pass that on to the client and the succession of images that may follow – some known, others yet to be proved.

Then comes the question – When?

You used to be able to see a season but that is now more difficult. There are spreads of cards that show past; present; future outcome, and other layouts for the next twelve months – these predictions are mostly changeable as far as our clock and calendar time is concerned. Therefore it is better to qualify a prediction with the admittance that time is difficult to give.

Mr. Right is a common example – he is seen in the reading – clear as a bell – and can’t be far away, surely? Three months later a worried phone call – where is he? I saw Mr. Right accurately for one of my friends. He took twenty years to appear. I conclude it is better to judge time by how events look in relation to each other.

Aleph K – a popular psychic in the 80s – said ‘seeing’ is not watching a TV series; beginning; middle; end. Forget all that. He said, ‘read the events like a map.’ As a church on a map comes just after a hill – we presume these things are close together – others marked in the distance can be years away.  All of what is seen can be coloured by free will, even the fated things. We grow and evolve and the predestined event will be received differently.

In the old days – in shabby bedsits or second hand shops –  the fortune tellers read ordinary playing cards and used the pattern of the spread i.e. two red fours and aces red – a love bed; two jacks and a king – not a good thing!

Eight of swords was always. . . delay.

When I first started I was told by a renowned healer – Harry Edwards – never to give information – just read – of proof of life after death . . .

A psychic told me I would write this book – The Fortune Seller – I didn’t believe it – it took 15 years.


[The above was given as a talk at Atlantis Books Shop 9th June, 2015.]