Patterns in the Ether

[The following is taken from The Fortune Seller.]

Against a background of night-time fusion between the city and other realms, I spoke to the lonely looking for love; a new life, magic, their deceased partners. Some needed to talk, others to be cheered up. Was there really a spirit guide out of sight with all the answers? I certainly hoped so because I was a little short in that department.

Then I got three women in a row with the hots for their handymen, and each man putting in a new kitchen. Was it the same with another room or did this nurturing area provoke unsuitable passion? Each woman believed her handyman was in love with her, but the man felt unworthy to say so or shy or worried about his marriage, or hers. I heard about molten, hot eye contact as he installed the oven, the fact he was available at any hour, the energy between them more electric than anything he was putting in that kitchen. Personally I thought in each case the handyman would do pretty well anything to keep the money coming in and if it took molten hot looks they’d be provided. Then I got three women on the trot, all called Frances.

I had to admit there were patterns out there in the ether. I thought it was the guides’ way of playing a joke. The only problem – I had no idea of the guides.

The Fortune Seller