The Stone Cradle – Part 2: The Child From Venus

The Child from Venus was sent to raise us to a higher state of consciousness, so we could reach the etheric plane.

He brought language, healing, and spiritual practice. He wandered the earth, a teacher bringing enlightenment to the planet. He was present at the building of the first pyramid. Around him landscape was duplicated, its central passage made more powerful. He established schools. He could receive strength from the constellation of the Great Bear and seven Stars, which remained motionless, keeping our planet safe.

Most of all, he brought light.

Tracts of light are still in existence today that the Society protects and increases by ritual, for the well being of the planet.

The guardians say the light is finite. Their practice keeps it from fading out.

Had there been mention of a Stone Cradle in history? Only a small one at Ephesus that disappeared into the hands of the Knights Templar. Was there any connection between the Stone Cradle and the crib which held Jesus 3,000 years later? None found. Its existence today seems to be in the care and direction of other intelligences, not of this earth.

Cradle Country


Cradle Country

Is its purpose good? It has its magnetism and brings ailing people to lie on its stone. Documents from the 18th century describe locals choosing to come and lie in the Cradle to die. Others to give birth, and sick children were laid there to heal. The Cradle holds the souls of those yet to be born. In its presence I feel light and as I should be. It makes even the land around innocent and joyous.

My teacher told me how she followed an ambulance carrying my friend Jose Tarres – he was in a bad way – and when the ambulance suddenly stopped she thought he had died.

“Imagine my surprise when the doors opened and Jose came walking out, just like always; a poet of life, light and free,” she said. “I went after him because I thought he was a ghost. He said he had asked the spirit to heal him and let him continue here. Something happened and he was made well. He said he would never forget to have gratitude and bless each moment as it passes.”

She had asked him what the spirit was.

“Not what,” he said, “Who. The being of light, of course. From the Stone Cradle.”